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Nine Months with Theo | www.lisasamuel.com | Lisa Samuel

Hi! I’m Lisa.  

I’m so happy you are here! Since I started this blog in 2014, a lot has changed in my life. I became a mama, and that has changed everything. I am currently in the process of rebranding this site to be a place for encouraging and supporting living with intention. Stay tuned for more…

But in the meantime: 

If you want the short summary, here it is:  I am married to my best friend, Elie, and we are the proud parents of a little boy, Theo, born February 11, 2016.  Until Theo was born, I was a practicing registered dietitian nutritionist, but I am secretly a homemaker at heart, as I am happiest at home, cooking, organizing and making our home a comfortable place for our family and friends to gather.  Elie and I are also travel lovers, and I share our travels here. Since Theo was born, this blog has morphed into a parenting blog as well, and those are actually my favorite posts to write and share.

For the long version, read on…. 

I live in Bellingham, Washington with my handsome husband, Elie, who is the love of my life and someone I aspire to be more like. Elie is the most joyful person I have ever known.  He is generous of spirit, always optimistic. He makes me a better person. We married in August 2013 with a spectacular fairy tale celebration. You can see pictures of the wedding herehere and here. And two years later, after spending most of my adult life thinking I would never have children, I feel overwhelmingly blessed to be a mama to this amazing little boy.

Describing my life prior to this takes more than a paragraph, and little bits and pieces unfold here and there in this space. I grew up in Kentucky with two loving parents who championed me to do and be anything I wanted to achieve. I’m lucky. Much of my love of food and entertaining and adventure I attribute to my childhood. Later, I was a step-mom before I became a mama, and I learned a lot about motherhood through that experience. Professionally, I have worked in clinical nutrition research, broadcast journalism, public relations and health care consulting before becoming a registered dietitian. Right now, I prefer the title ‘mama’ to anything, especially when Theo says it. 

Elie owns a furniture store, Samuel’s Furniture, which gives me the opportunity to visit furniture markets and indulge my love for home design.  If you were so-inclined to spy on us, you’d find the Samuel’s Furniture delivery truck often parks in front of our house. Definitely a perk of owning a furniture store. 

Elie and I love, love to travel, and I love sharing our adventures here. It’s nice to have a few recommendations on what to see and do and most importantly, where to eat. I’ll share my finds, and I hope you’ll do the same. Luckily, Theo has turned out to be a great traveler, so we don’t anticipate our travel days coming to an end.

I hope you come back often to visit! And I always love to hear from you. Please drop me a note or visit me on Instagram to see more behind-the-scenes from our life.